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Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Punishment.

G was recently down with Viral fever. She was all the time irritable and not eating food properly. However, there was no cold and cough which got me suspicious. I had recently read in newspaper that a fever, without cold and cough may also be Malaria, Typhoid or The dreaded Dengue fever.
On my insistence, she reluctantly spoke to one of her doctor friend on telephone who advised her to take Crocin tab only and let the body immunity fight the virus.

On the fourth day of her fever, I got really worried. She was consistently having fever more than 102 F. She was regularly going to the office but not eating anything. In the night, she used to perspire so much that I had to change the bed sheet every day.

That night, my fb friend, Sameer, advised me to contact my father in law as G was not ready to go to the doctor. I called up my father in law that morning after G had left for office. He asked me to get the milk of goat for G and told me that he shall reach Delhi by 2.00 PM.

Getting the Goat’s milk was easier said than done. Even though I knew that the family living in tents just outside our society keeps goats but to go out is a project for me. Changing in to male attire is not very time consuming but removing the bangles, ear tops, nosepin and anklets takes time. Fortunately, the Mehandi that I had applied on my palms on Teej festival had lost colour by now but removing the nail polish took a lot of time. Only a full cd or a married Indian woman can understand the problem in removing Bichuas ( a silver ring worn on toes ). I decided not to remove them to save time and wore shoes and socks over them instead. The shoes were tight fitting as I had not worn them since more than 2 months and played havoc with my toes later but I was able to get the goats milk without lifting the eyebrows of any neighbour. Going and coming back took only 25 minutes but changing in to male attire and later getting back in to my usual saree with makeup took almost 4 hours.

My father in law reached G’s office directly and scolded her in the presence of all her colleagues for not taking proper precautions during the Dengue epidemic in Delhi. He took G to a doctor who prescribed some blood tests. The tests were negative for Dengue and the doctor prescribed some medicines and told her father not to worry. Both of them came home at 5.00 PM. The father in law gave me a customary scolding for not taking good care of his daughter and was off to his village as he had some urgent work at hand.

Now G was in real bad mood. She was mad at me for informing her father especially as the tests had proved that my fears were baseless. All my efforts to tell her that I had did this because of my love and care for her, fell on deaf ears and she announced that she will decide on a suitable punishment tomorrow. Its needless to say that her fever had gone by now. 

I could not sleep that night properly.  “What shall be the punishment” was the question in my mind. My fb friend, Sameer had prophesied that it shall be a strapon but I was afraid for something more. During the 6 years of our marriage, G has never spanked or slapped me but my sleep was full of nightmares.

I cracked the problem early in the morning. I knew that G gets irritable if she does not get sex for few days and this time also, a gap of 5 consecutive days was there due to her fever. I brought the bed tea for her clad in my sexiest bra and panty and told her in a sexy voice to wait as I had forgotten to bring sugar. As I walked out of the room, I ensured the right movements of my hips as if in a catwalk. It shall be pointless to tell my readers that the tea got cold as a fierce lovemaking session ensued. It was repeted after 2 hours as all her anger melted and she actually thanked me later for taking so much trouble for getting goat’s milk and fruits for her.

Monday, 25 May 2015

My ambivalent Feelings

Today I am proud of G.
My stepmother, Mrs.Gupta, called me on phone yesterday. The last time we had talked was about 6 years ago when I had informed her that I was getting married and she has severed all contact with me and had refused to attend my wedding.
It so happens that my step brother wants to start a new business and sell our ancestral home for funds. The potential buyers, after checking all documents had decided that I hold an equal share in that property and my signatures were necessary for sale. With the advent of time, that property is now worth 120 million Rs. (about 2 million US dollars).
I told her that I cannot sign any papers without the permission of G and I shall talk to her after she returns from office. All the bitter memories of my pre marriage days flashed before my eyes and I severed the connection quickly.

So, last night, during our post coital session, snuggling in the arms of G, I told her about the phone call. “They have been so cruel to me, now is the time for payback. I have an equal share in this property and we shall demand half the money” I said.
“No darling” said G as she started fondling my breasts, “ I had promised her that you shall forfeit all your inheritance before our marriage. A promise is a promise.”
“But she is a wicked soul” I protested. “I know sweetie pie” G winked at me “but I am indebted to her. Had she not been so wicked, you would not have been lying naked in my bed today.”
As I tried to cover my face with my hands in shame, the conversation ended with a deep kiss on my lips and gave me a food for thought. G had just refused a sum of 1 million dollars to keep her promise. Her honor in my eyes has increased many folds even though I am not at all happy with her decision.

I must remember that now I am the property of my wife and actually she is the owner of that piece of land with the right to do whatever she wants.

Friday, 13 March 2015


It shall be an understatement to say that my wife and her father had a difference of opinion when he visited us this time. They were virtually at loggerheads. Fortunately I was not a party of their arguments but things were tense last week.

Unlke his previous visit, my father in law was very soft and gentle towards me. He even brought a gift for me – paijebs (a pair of anklets that make a musical sound when the person wearing them takes a step). I was very grateful and donned the anklets that very day.

The bone of contention between him and G was the issue of kids. He wanted G to extend her family by having a baby. “you are now 33. More over you shall not have any problem in raising the child as you have a househusband who shall take care of the child from day 1”, he said. G somehow did not like the idea and told him something to the effect of not to meddle in her private affairs. He shouted “ I am your father and its my duty to correct you when you are doing something wrong. Will you plan a baby when you are 50 or this househusband of yours is impotent”.

All this conversation was taking place in living room as G and her father were sitting on easy chairs and I was sitting on the floor, pressing the legs of G. She suddenly pushed me away by her legs and asked me curtly to go to the other room. As I left the room and closed the door, she shouted back,”You have no right to insult him like this. He dons a woman’s clothing and serves me like this out of his love and care for me otherwise he is as potent as any man in this world. I don’t want to discuss this subject any more with you”. She stormed out of the house.

G’s father came to our room as I was dabbing my tears with a hanky. He apologized for his remark and asked me to talk to her regarding a child. I told him” You know your daughter well papaji. She will do as she pleases and I don’t have a say in any matter.” He left for his native place next morning. As he was leaving and I bent down to touch his feet, he blessed me by saying “Be a father soon”.

Wiser from my previous experience, I was waiting for G in nude as she returned after seeing off her father. Last time, when her father had stayed for a week and she could not make love to me during that period since our flat is very small, she had torn off my clothes and virtually raped me, when she had come back after seeing him off.

 People may consider it erotic but actually it is very difficult to wait for your wife, wearing only your anklets and bangles and simultaneously keep your cock erect, knowing fully well that if your cock is not fully erect when she comes back, she shall don a strapon didlo and push it into your rectum.

Fortunately, this time, I was able to satisfy her with my erect cock and after she had climaxed twice with a fair amount of biting and pinching, she asked me to bring her a cup of tea. Normally, I wear a bra and panty when I bring her the morning tea but that day, my breasts had become so sensitive due to her bites that could not wear a bra and brought her the tea in nude. She gleefully accepted the teacup, asked me once again to lie down on my back and again put my semi erect cock in her vagina. This time, she was giving me a push with every sip of tea and I was afraid that the hot tea might spill on my face but fortunately, the tea finished before she increased the pace and we climaxed simultaneously in a bliss.

That day being a public holiday due the festival of Holi, G did not have to go to office. She does not play holi as she is allergic to colors. As I got busy in the kitchen preparing sweet Gujias for her, she completed her pending jobs on her laptop. In the afternoon, as I was giving her a massage, I decided to open the subject. “Papaji was actually right you know? If we have to have kids, this is the right time”. G did not answer for some time and I was fearful that she may get angry. However, she pulled me into her arms and said “I know that the timing is right but have you ever thought that when the child grows up after 4 or 5 years, he is going to ask as to why his father does not go to the office and remains indoor wearing women’s clothing. When he goes to the school, he shall have hundreds of questions to ask and we shall not have a single answer to his or her queries. Let the society open up a little more and then we shall plan it”.

I snuggled in to her arms knowing fully well now that as always, she was absolutely correct.

Monday, 16 February 2015

My worth

It all started with a phone call.

It was a typical Sunday evening. G had just woken up after her Sunday afternoon siesta and I had brought a cup of tea for her. She was sitting in her favourite armchair with myself sitting on the carpet. G was holding the cup in one hand and the other one was in my blouse fondling my breasts when her mobile rang.
G gently squeezed my left breast and motioned me to hold the teacup as she picked up the phone.

It was her friend Ms. S…. . After exchanging pleasantries, their conversation started about the new Honda City that Ms. S…… and her husband wanted to purchase. She mentioned something about G”s maruti getting a little old and she should also purchase a new car. G sighed as she pinched my left nipple and said” But sweetie, both of you are earning members. In my home, Moni does not earn a penny. He is a house husband. Our financials cannot be so strong”.

Normally, when G pinches me, I moan with pain and pleasure and I know that it’s a big turn on for G. But that time I forgot the pain in my nipple. The words pinched me. Being a househusband, I could not dare to protest, but  I was hurt. I started calculating my worth. If I am not there, G shall have to employ some domestic helps. How much does she save by having me?

Job                                                         -              Money saved per month. (Indian rupees)
Cooking                                                   -              4000/-
Washing utensils                                       -              2000/-
Laundry & ironing clothes             -                          2000/-
Dusting and sweeping floors       -                             2000/-
House guard                                      -                     5000/-
Body massage daily                         -                      15000/-
Being her sex toy                          -                         50000/-                                                                                                                           
    Total                                      -                            80000/-

G is earning a total salary of Rs. 1,60,000/- per month so I earn at least half.

The evening was virtually spoiled. When I went to the bedroom at night after finishing my daily chorus, G asked me if something was wrong but I didn’t tell her anything. G wanted to make love to me but my member did not rise and she used a strapon first time since our accident on 26th Jan. My body battered by G’s merciless pinching and my ass sour, I could not sleep at all. I think that the physical pain was not responsible for my insomnia as I have endured worse. In fact, whenever there is news about a woman being raped in Delhi, G virtually takes revenge from all men by raping me that night. No, it was not physical pain. I was hurt and insulted by her words.

I think that I shall give her this list tomorrow. Should I add something else? Some advice please.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My stitches are removed.

Today, G took me to hospital to get my stitches removed. The procedure took less than 10 minutes and was much less painful than expected. The wound has healed nicely and a very faint scar is visible. The nice doctor has assured me that this scar shall also go away within next 3 months. Also, I shall have to wear tight brassieres and avoid injury. (The nurse who removed my stitches, winked at me while saying this and I was blushing like anything).

Last 1 week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. G has treated me like a tray of eggs. Her favorite past time of one hand on her mobile exchanging messages on whatsapp and the other one in my bra, fondling my boobs, is a thing of past. She had informed her boss that she shall not be coming to office for 1 week and manage her work on her laptop at home only. Even while making love to me, she has been very careful not to touch my upper body but this has ruined the fun somehow.

She tried to help me in doing housework last week and in the process, virtually drove me crazy. When I returned from hospital on 29th Jan., there was a pile of dirty laundry and a sink full of used utensils. My wife’s culinary skills extend only up to preparing Maggi and opening a can of bear or fruit juice. As she started helping me in washing utensils, the score was 2 broken plates and one glass in 10 minute. I requested her to kindly leave me alone in the kitchen and she obliged. To her credit, she asked our neighbours to kindly send their maidservant to wash the dirty laundry that day and purchased a washing machine the next day.

Today, she was netsurfing for online purchase of a dish washer. I joked that the next step shall be to purchase of a robot for cooking and sweeping floors and I shall be thrown out of the house. This brought a smile on her face too.

I think that I shall do a striptease for her today to freshen up her mood. 

Friday, 30 January 2015

My breasts are repaired

In retrospect, it would have been better if we had given a party to close friends and relatives. As we celebrated our anniversary with “just the two of us”, it resulted in myself being rushed to my plastic surgeon.

Actually, 26th Jan. being a holiday, G suggested that we shall relive the day just like we did on the day of our marriage and it proved to be a lot of fun. We went to the same restaurant for lunch and later we went to the temple where we were married. Security was very tight in Delhi due to President Obama’s visit and many roads were closed for traffic. When we came back, I wore the wedding saree and went to the bedroom with a glass of milk as I did on our Suhaag Raat. As I touched the feet of G, she took me in her arms and carried me to the bed. She tookoff my clothes one by one just like that night and then rode me to a shuddering climax.

Half an hour after the sex session, G started putting on the strap on didlo saying that she had to do the same as she did on Suhaag raat. I meekly complied by getting on all 4s. As G entered me with a didlo, I clinched my teeth and wiped my tears. I don’t like being fucked this way but G was enjoying it.

As G was nearing her orgasm, she suddenly released my shoulders and caught hold of my breasts and started using them to push and pull me over her strapon to give her more thrust. G is a very powerful person and she suddenly crushed my breasts in excitement. I cried in pain, begging her to stop but I usually cry when she uses the strap on and she ignored my cries. There was a searing pain in my right breast but G didn’t stop and gave a few more thrusts before releasing me.

Initially I expected the pain in my right breast to diminish over the next few hours as it usually does. However, the pain refused to go away and I was not able to move my right arm when I prepared the bed tea for G on 27th morning. There was swelling below my right breast and in right armpit. It required no doctor to diagnose that the silicon implant in my right breast had ruptured.

As G watched my agony, she also realized the same and rushed me to the Plastic surgeon who had originally placed these implants in my breasts. Dr………… knows our life style and heavily scolded G as he had cautioned her to avoid putting pressure on the implants. When I intervened that it was my fault and I had slipped in bathroom, he told me not to tell lies. Actually, G had bitten hard on my breasts in the first round of our lovemaking and the marks were clear. Also my both breasts were full of scratches from her finger nails.

I was operated same day and had to stay in hospital for 3 days. Today I am back home but pain is still there. G is very apologetic and has promised me that she will be more careful in future. Although G’s office insurance policy covered her spouse also but the insurance company has refused to pay for plastic surgery and we had to pay around Rs 2 lacs (about 4000 USD) for this surgery.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My dilemma.

G was in a philosophical mood last night. She has asked me to make a list of thing that I hate about her and about being a Househusband. She has also asked me to list what I relish. I am not sure what I should do. The truth might offend her and if I don’t give her the list tonight, she may get angry and our anniversary week shall be ruined.

One thing is sure. I don’t hate my father in law. He may be bossy, ill-mannered; foul tempered and arrogant but there is one thing in common between us. Both of us love the same person i.e. G. I am also indebted to him that he has given me the most wonderful gift of my life – G. I also know that if some day destiny calls for a sacrifice of life for G, I shall do it immediately but he won’t be far behind.

G is probably a nymphomaniac and makes love to me almost daily. I hate it when she fucks me during her periods. Apart from the fact that I don’t enjoy it, the cleaning part later is always irritating. I have to wash the bed sheets immediately after her love session and take a bath. I probably hate it when G uses her strap on didlo and fucks me anally. However, she does it very rare and that too only on days when I ejaculate premature or my member does not rise to the occasion. She has never asked me to lick her. Even when I offered to lick her once to compensate for my premature ejaculation, she declined saying “No Moni darling, you have to keep your lips and tongue fresh for me. I shall use a strap on.”.  Actually she ends any session of our lovemaking by a deep lingering kiss.

You may think by reading my earlier posts that I may hate remaining in nude when she is fully dressed, dancing for her clad only in a bra and panty, pressing her legs or washing clothes and utensils with cold water in this freezing season but actually I don’t. G also goes to her office on her bike in this cold. She works so hard in office that it is my duty to be her stress buster when she comes home.

I probably hate it when she is late in returning from office since I have to wait only in 2 pieces of cloth. However, She does it very rare, always informs me from her mobile ( so that I may don the housecoat) and there is always a valid reason for delay.

Actually, the thing I hate most is when I am pressing the legs of G and she starts talking to her stock broker on mobile, discussing merits of shares of various companies. Worse scenario is when she is riding me and phone rings. She stops moving, asks me to keep quite by finger on my lips and engages in a long discussion about buying Reliance or something at current rate, with me straddled between her legs.

As far as relishing is concerned, I love everything about being a House husband. An alpha male has hundreds of worries and I have none. In fact, last month, when G was struggling online to file her income tax return, I thought “Thank God that the only job I have is to please her“.

I have decided to tell G that I shall give her the list after our anniversary i.e. 26th Jan. That gives me ample time to have the view of readers of my blog. Please help me out by advising me as to which point I should or should not add in my hate list. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My bridal night

My Suhaag Raat ( First night as a couple) was celebrated in G’s flat.

G had not worn any traditional dress on our wedding and was dressed in simple T shirt and jeans as we exchanged woes and took 7 rounds of fire in presence of her father and a priest. My step mother had refused to attend the wedding and had told me that the doors of her house were closed to me forever. I was dressed in the bridal pink saree and wore all ornaments of G’s late mother. The priest was initially hesitant to marry us in view of a girl marrying a girl (He took me for a girl as I had worn saree and had done the makeup of a bride) but g’s father had showed a wad of notes to him and everything went smoothly after that.

While returning from the temple, G’s father asked her to drop him at the railway station as his train time was close. G asked him to stay but he had some urgent work to attend at his native place. I touched his feet as he was alighting from the car. He gave me a thick wad of notes “This is for you to buy some gift of your choice. Keep my daughter happy.” He said.

We reached home at around 8 PM. Both of us were not hungry as during the ceremony, we were given many ‘Laddoos’ (a kind of sweet dish) to eat. G took my hand and we entered the bedroom. G went to freshen up and I went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk for her.

G was standing in the bedroom as I returned. I gave her milk and touched her feet as I had seen brides doing that in hindi movies. G took the glass and returned it to me half finished.”Finish it. It’s your duty to finish all my leftovers as a mark of your love and respect for me” she said.

As soon as the glass was finished, G started pulling my saree. All my protests were useless and I was standing before her only in a blouse and petticoat. “Take them off Moni darling. What are you trying to hide from me. Your body is now my property and I have a right to inspect it on my will” said she. I continued looking at the floor. G finally came near me and started undoing the hooks of my blouse and undid the knot of my petticoat. That left only a bra and panty over me. “Don’t get ashamed darling. We are married.” G said as she took off my bra. She undid the hooks of her jeans and made me lie on the bed. As she pulled my panty down, she squealed at the size of my member.”From your submissive nature, I was afraid that the size may be small but you have made my day” she said giggling.

“Every husband is required to give a gift to his wife on Bridal night. In our case I am the wife and I have nothing but my virginity to give you my love” I said as she took my member inside her and started riding me. Within 5 minutes, I cummed inside her. “Don’t be sorry sweetheart. I had expected it as you are not experienced.” She said as I apologized. “What are you doing G” I asked as she took out a strange thing from her drawer and started tying it around her waist. “This is known as a strap on and I am going to put it inside you.”  Saying this, she asked me to get on all 4s and slowly entered my ass. “It is going to hurt in the beginning but you will enjoy it later on” she said as I almost cried in pain.

It has now been almost 6 years since then and the ‘later on’ has not yet happened. G knows that I don’t like the strap on and uses it only if I cum premature. On my part, I try my best to climax at the same time with her which is not so difficult as she makes love to me almost daily.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

My unplanned marriage

“What is this? What are you wearing” G was asking angrily. I was sweeping the floor of the verandah of my ancestral home wearing a torn and faded Salwar suit of my half sister when G had arrived, unannounced. We were engaged only yesterday.  She was probably free because it was a public holiday and just wanted to surprise me by visiting without prior information. “I am sorry. I didn’t know that you were coming” I stammered.

G had a thoughtful expression on her face. She asked me to go and change in to a shirt and trouser and took a chair in the verandah itself. She refused my step mother’s request to come inside. We came out of the house and she motioned me to sit behind her on her Honda bike. “I have to take the permission of my mother to go out” I told her and ran inside to ask her.  I came out 5 minutes later after her dire warning that she shall not open the door if I was late and sat behind G who was waiting with the bike already started. I didn’t know that I shall not be seeing that house for a long long time.

Within 15 minutes, we were sitting in a quite restaurant. G had lit a cigarette and asked me to share my life story with her. I told her about my mother’s death and my step mother’s cruelties. G was in turn sympathetic and outraged. She also told me about her mother’s death and her father’s decision not to marry again and raise her like a son. I had never felt so close to anyone. It was hard to believe that I knew this girl only since last evening.

“You are not going back to that hell again” she declared suddenly. “Come with me to my place. You have to come ultimately so there is no point in going back to your mother’s place.”  I was taken aback. “Your father shall never approve. India is not yet ready for livein relationships.”I objected.
G lit a new cigarette and started thinking.” I had come to buy a wedding saree for you. Let’s go shopping and I shall think a way out”. With that, she called the waiter for the bill.

As I selected a gorgeous pink colored saree for myself, complete with blouse and petticoat, G was busy making phone calls, only nodding her approval. As I asked the salesman to pack the saree, G came to me smiling “make some more purchases. You need to have some more sarees and innerwears. As I had said, you are not going back. I have already spoken to my father and all arrangements have been made. We are getting married in the temple today as all courts are closed due to Republic day. Legal formalities shall be completed later”. With that she took my hand and we went to the lingerie section.

G had already informed me yesterday evening that after the silicon implant, my size shall be 36c and I made all purchases for that size only hence no one took note of a boy asking for blouses, bra and panty. As I was selecting a beautiful nightgown, G took me aside. “Don’t waste money on night wears. I am not going to allow you to wear anything at night”. My mouth gaped open and I could see that her eyes were twinkling.

We were married the same afternoon, on 26th January, 2009. I took the surname of G and became Moni Chaudhary from Kuldeep Gupta.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

My tryst with destiny

My friend in Experience Project ‘Jim Barndt’ is asking questions as to how I became a Househusband. I had promised him that I shall post my whole Life story on my Blog up to my marriage and my first night. Here is the first part -

“Let’s see what the fate has in store for me. Things are so bad that they cannot go worse” Thought I when my stepmother was on phone with my future wife. She was responding to an ad given by G in newspaper for a househusband. “Yes yes, he is expert in all household work” she said. Listening to the response from the other side, she smiled and said “ok. We shall wait for you on coming Sunday”.
My step mother had always trained me to be a househusband. She had refused to get me admission in a college after my 10+2 and I was doing all household work while my half brother and sister went to the college. Her logic was that when I leave this household, my right on the property of my father shall stand extinguished.
G and her father came to meet me on Sunday. My mother had forbidden me to speak unless a direct question is asked and even then I was supposed to speak slowly and keep my head bowed and my eyes on the floor. First her father spoke about what he expected from his future son in law. “Mrs. Gupta, To cut the long story short, I want a virtual housewife for my daughter. Do you and your son agree to it?” he said in the end. When my mother replied in the affirmative, G asked to talk to me alone. In compliance to her request, everyone left the room leaving me and G alone. 

G lit a cigarette and asked me” Mr. Kuldeep, Do you understand the meaning of being a househusband”  I only nodded and kept looking at the floor. “Do you understand that if we are married, I shall be the dominant partner? You shall leave this household and come to live with me in my flat. You will not be doing anything without my permission and you shall be required to show proper respect to myself and my family members. I don’t want any nodding and I want a direct answer this time. Househusband does not mean only doing domestic work. You shall be virtually loosing your identity and take my surname.”

Now I had no alternative. I spoke with my head bowed “I understand and I shall not give you a chance to complain”. G smiled for the first time and said again “I would like my husband to remain in women’s clothing to remind him his place in household at all times. Do you agree? “

It came as a shock. I had worn a saree only a few times on the insistence of my step mother for dance practice and usually wore my sister’s worn-out dresses as my step mother was always short of cash when my turn for buying a new dress came. My half brother was shorter than me but my half sister was tall and stout and her size was a perfect fit. I had enjoyed wearing my sister’s dresses sometimes but it was a different matter altogether to remain in woman’s clothing 24x7. I decided that I had nothing to loose. In fact nothing could be worse than listening to my family members cursing me all the time. “ Your wish is like a divine command for me madam” I said again with my head bowed. G laughed loudly and said “Don’t call me madam. My name is G……. but you shall call me G as in goddess. Your name Kuldeep is also too long. I shall name you Moni”. G went to the door. I thought that she had gone to call our relatives but she locked it from inside and kissed me on my lips. I struggled to free myself from her embrace and realized for the first time that she was more powerful than me. “My dear husband needs breasts. I don’t want you to take hormones for that. They have side effects. I shall get you silicon implants.”

“The wedding shall be in 3 months from now.” Declared G’s father as everyone was congratulating me for my good fortune. “As it happens sir, I am a little short of cash right now and it shall be difficult to arrange at such short notice” said my step mother as she had been short of cash since eternity whenever any money was required to be spent for me. “You don’t need to spend a single penny Mrs. Gupta. It shall be a court marriage and all expenses for his clothes and ornaments shall be borne by us” said G’s father. “As requested by you, my son in law shall also sign an affidavit on the day of wedding renouncing all his rights in your property and wealth.”

I raised my eyes for the first time. Neither G nor her father had discussed this matter with me. I was now beginning to understand what my future status was going to be in the household of my wife. All decisions shall be taken by her and I shall be a mute spectator.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Her breakfast

Our 6th marriage anniversary falls on 26th January. It’s a national holiday in India being Republic day and G has decided to celebrate quietly. She asked me if I would like her to host a party for our relatives and close friends who know our secret. I replied “jaisi aapki ichcha” (as you wish) because a house husband has no right to have his own views and he should always do what his wife wants. She called up her father and my step mother to come to the party but both of them declined due to cold wave. Ultimately she decided against the idea of party and said “It shall be just the two of us as we were on the suhaagraat (first night)”.

The approaching anniversary has made G more romantic somehow. Today morning, as I was putting her lunchbox in her briefcase, she caught hold of me from behind and started kissing me. Off went my red housecoat (which I am permitted to wear after she has finished her bed tea), my protests about her getting late for office were overruled by a bite on my right shoulder and my bra and panty were removed. She made me lie down on the carpet and mounted me. Next 10 minutes were bliss. As she reached her orgasm, I cummed inside her. She rolled over, wiped herself with my housecoat, put-on her jeans and was off to her office in a flash with myself still lying naked on the carpet, catching my breath. With a deep sigh, I stood up, checked the automatic latch on door and went to take a bath, not forgetting to pick the housecoat lying on the floor for laundry.

As I was taking bath, I suddenly remembered that this is what had exactly happened 6 years ago, on her first day of office after our marriage, even up to the extent of G wiping herself with my housecoat and then leaving me naked on the carpet. I am certain that G recalled the same and did everything as she wanted to relive our honeymoon. This brought back many sweet and sour memories. I shall tell you about all of them in my next post. Please comment if viewers of this blog are interested.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The visit of her father.

My Father in law visited us last week and stayed with us for 7 days. Although he said that it had been a long time since he had seen the face of his daughter and son in law and he just wanted to see us but I know better. He was here only for one purpose – to check if I was taking good care of his daughter and being properly submissive or not.

I think that he is a male chauvinist. You would think that how can it be true when he is asking his son in law to press the legs of his daughter daily and remain in women’s clothing but it is a fact. Actually he considers his daughter to be his son and myself his daughter in law. If you see G and her father talking to one another with both having a glass of whisky in their hands, you would understand.

Anyway, my last week routine was an absolute change. Sometimes I felt as if his visit was a blessing and other times it was a black curse.

Normally, G makes love to me daily and twice on Sunday. But we have a small DDA flat at Delhi and G was concerned that the sounds of our lovemaking (my painful grunts and her pleasure cries), might reach her father. So, it was the first time in last 5 years since our marriage that I was not fucked for full one week. (Normally G fucks me even during her periods and I have to clean the mess afterwards). G even ordered me to sleep fully dressed as my nakedness is a big turn-on for her. For me, it was really hilarious because she was clearly aroused all the time, I was available, and for the first time, she was unable to carry out her wish.

The bra panty dance routine on her return also changed. Now like a dutiful Bahu (daughter in law), I used to greet her, clad in a 5 meter long saree with a pallu over my head, touch her feet,  Bring 2 cups of tea from the kitchen ( for her and her father ), sit at her feet, take off her shoes and press her legs. 
Only once she tried to be naughty and pinched me on my back while I was pressing her feet and dear father in law was not looking. As I was unprepared for this, I shrieked “uiiiiiiiiiiiii” and later had to explain to FIL that I had seen a cockroach. He of course scolded me for this with G smiling broadly all the time.

On the negative side, he was all the time criticizing me for not taking good care of his daughter, repeating regularly that that if I let her daughter lift even a glass of water, I shall be kicked out of the house. Once when he was scolding me over the quality of my laundry, I tried to reason with him that the white T shirt of G had become pale because it was at least 3 year old and she wore it only at night. He slapped me hard saying “bahas karta hai” ( you have the guts to argue with me ). Now,  before my marriage, My step mother and half brother had beaten me several times but ever since my marriage, G has not even spoken to me harshly, let alone physically beating me. I just cried a lot but I knew that when G returns from office, he shall complain to her and she will be upset. So, I apologized by touching his feet and accepting my mistake while there was none.

He returned to his native place today morning. Since then, G has banged me twice (The first one almost a rape by tearing off all my clothes) and she plans to fuck me again at night. All my body is pink and blue by G’s merciless pinching and she says that this is all normal as she has not had sex even once in last 7 days.

I am yet to decide that whether I was in heaven or hell last week.

Monday, 5 January 2015

I chose to remain naked at night while she is fully dressed.

Immediately after our marriage, I had been asked by G to remain naked throughout the night as a mark of my servitude towards her. I had never slept in nude before. I did not like the idea at all but being a house husband, living in a wife led relationship, I had no choice.  

So, since last 5 years, after completing my daily chorus of washing utensils and making preparations for morning breakfast, I come to the bedroom absolutely naked. Most of the times, she is waiting for me with lustful eyes. I have to press her feet first ( as ordered by my Father in law ), and then she fucks me at will. Sometimes, when G is tired, she has already slept but I have to sleep in nude as she may wake up any time and if it so happens then she must have my naked body besides her to fondle and pinch as she may desire.

This New Year eve, it was very cold and suddenly there was a power failure. Emergency generator was on but the heaters were not working. G was in her quilt watching new year program on TV. She generally sleeps in T shirt and jockeys but that night, she had a woolen pullover on her due to intense cold.
In spite of cold, I did not have the courage to defy G by wearing anything other than my makeup and shivering with cold, I entered the bedroom. As I started pressing her legs, G suddenly commented that my bluish lipstick was not really suiting my face. I just said that I don’t have any blue lipstick. G suddenly realized that actually my lips were blue due to cold and jumped into action. She immediately took off her woolen pullover and slipped it over my head. She wrapped me in her quilt and started rubbing my cold hands. In the meantime, electricity was restored and heater started glowing. G wanted to call a Doctor immediately but I told her that I was fine now. G’s concern for me and the tenderness with which she treated me brought tears to my eyes. Good start of New Year.

G realized that I had virtually risked my life to cater to her whims. She told me that from now on, I could wear anything I want at night and I should take proper care of myself. Also, she told me that if at any time, she asks for something unreasonable, I should respectfully remind her of tonight’s incidence.

In spite of all this, I know that G likes me to be naked at night and it is my duty to pleasure her at all cost. Hence I have decided to continue with my earlier routine of coming to the bedroom in nude. But once in a while, if heaters are not working and cold is intense, I shall ask her permission to wear a woolen dress at night.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

I am confused.

My Wife ( I am allowed to call her 'G' ) is a very romantic person but also she wants me to always obey her father who lives in a small town about a hundred KM away and seldom visits us. He phones me daily and advice me on all household matters.

My FIL wants me to be always dressed elegantly in a saree with a palloo over my head and welcome her daughter at the door when she returns from office with a smile to relieve her of her office tensions. Thereafter, I should serve her a cup of tea with homemade snacks and while she is taking tea, I should sit at her feet, remove her shoes and press her legs.

On the other hand, G wants me to be seductively dressed in a Bra and panties when she returns home. She enjoys watching me dance seminude, on a fast number with a glass of cold bear in her hands.

Of course, I have no other option than to accede to the demand and order of G but this puts me into a fix. When my FIL pointedly asked me about my routine of pressing her feet on her return from office, I stammered. I respect him a lot to lie to him and of course I can not divulge him the reality as I am too shy.

I guess that I shall have to take advice from G when she is in a good mood. My problem is that generally she is in a good mood when I am lying naked on the bed and she is enjoying my body and there is no point in spoiling her mood at that time by talking about my problems.
My wife had a very bad habit of smoking. She used to say that it releived her of tensions related to work. I tried several times to persuade her to quit smoking but i had a success only recently.
Hindu ladies keep fast on Karwachauth day for the long life of their husbands. As my wife is the sole earning member of our household, I observed the fast for her. As per custom, I wore my wedding saree and ornaments and did not take even a single drop of water for whole day. As advised by my Father in law, I spent the whole day performing puja and preparing delicious food for my wife. When the moon was out, it was time to break my fast and I touched my wife's feet to take her blessings. She gave me a glass of water. I took a sip from her hands as per ritual. Then I asked her to take dinner. She gave me a gift of beautiful diamond earrings.

After finishing her dinner, my wife asked me to finish my dinner and her leftovers as usual but I refused to take my meal saying that my fast was not yet over. It was very clear that she was sexually aroused as I was looking very attractive in my wedding saree and being on fast since morning, my face was also radiant. I had also done a very decent makeup of her liking.

Normally, my wife can make love to me as per her wish and I have no right to say a NO but that day she had been asked by her father very strictly not to break my fast under any circumstances. Also being a very kind hearted person, she was also concerned that i had not eaten any thing since morning other than a sip of water from her hands only.

I told her that i had asked a mannat from God that she should quit smoking and my fast shall be over only after she promises to God that she has quit smoking for ever. She smiled, knowing that she was trapped and promised likewise.

Her lovemaking that day was historical. In fact, at one time when she was smothering me, she suddenly pinched on my buttocks and i cried out so loudly that our neighbour thought that some thing was wrong and knocked on our door and i had to assure them that i had cried in dream. However, it was worth it as since that day, she has quit smoking.

My life story

I am a Househusband since last 5 years. I loved to crossdress in my childhood and was supported by my step mother. The day I accepted her idea of crossdressing, her attitude suddenly changed towards me and she started supporting me instead of my half brother and sister. Without informing my father, she taught me all household works and the art of dressing in sarees and even dancing in female attire. I realized quite late that actually it was her ploy to devoid me of my parental property and wealth. My father was a very wealthy businessman who had very little time for me. Soon after he died, My step mother gave my hand in marriage to my wife who was a Tomboy, 3 years elder to me and also 2 inches taller.

My wife had already informed me when she came to see me that she was a very highly paid computer professional and she wanted only a househusband to take care of her daily needs and do all household work. I was supposed to live as a  housewife, perform all duties like sweeping floor, washing clothes, preparing food, pressing her feet at night and entertaining my wife when she so desire. I was also to wear women clothing 24x7. I had agreed to all these points willingly as nothing could be worse than living with my step mother and I just wanted to be out of her house.

My mother in law had died when my wife was very young. My father in law is a very strict person and raised my wife like a son. Even though, we live in a flat in city due to the workplace of my wife, about 100 KM away from his house, he is always keeping a strict control over me, by asking about my daily routine on phone and instructing me daily about how to keep my home in good order. I keep all the fasts and celebrate all festivals like a housewife.