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Monday, 5 January 2015

I chose to remain naked at night while she is fully dressed.

Immediately after our marriage, I had been asked by G to remain naked throughout the night as a mark of my servitude towards her. I had never slept in nude before. I did not like the idea at all but being a house husband, living in a wife led relationship, I had no choice.  

So, since last 5 years, after completing my daily chorus of washing utensils and making preparations for morning breakfast, I come to the bedroom absolutely naked. Most of the times, she is waiting for me with lustful eyes. I have to press her feet first ( as ordered by my Father in law ), and then she fucks me at will. Sometimes, when G is tired, she has already slept but I have to sleep in nude as she may wake up any time and if it so happens then she must have my naked body besides her to fondle and pinch as she may desire.

This New Year eve, it was very cold and suddenly there was a power failure. Emergency generator was on but the heaters were not working. G was in her quilt watching new year program on TV. She generally sleeps in T shirt and jockeys but that night, she had a woolen pullover on her due to intense cold.
In spite of cold, I did not have the courage to defy G by wearing anything other than my makeup and shivering with cold, I entered the bedroom. As I started pressing her legs, G suddenly commented that my bluish lipstick was not really suiting my face. I just said that I don’t have any blue lipstick. G suddenly realized that actually my lips were blue due to cold and jumped into action. She immediately took off her woolen pullover and slipped it over my head. She wrapped me in her quilt and started rubbing my cold hands. In the meantime, electricity was restored and heater started glowing. G wanted to call a Doctor immediately but I told her that I was fine now. G’s concern for me and the tenderness with which she treated me brought tears to my eyes. Good start of New Year.

G realized that I had virtually risked my life to cater to her whims. She told me that from now on, I could wear anything I want at night and I should take proper care of myself. Also, she told me that if at any time, she asks for something unreasonable, I should respectfully remind her of tonight’s incidence.

In spite of all this, I know that G likes me to be naked at night and it is my duty to pleasure her at all cost. Hence I have decided to continue with my earlier routine of coming to the bedroom in nude. But once in a while, if heaters are not working and cold is intense, I shall ask her permission to wear a woolen dress at night.


  1. NIce post. Is it fantasy or a true story. I loved it any way.