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Sunday, 18 January 2015

My bridal night

My Suhaag Raat ( First night as a couple) was celebrated in G’s flat.

G had not worn any traditional dress on our wedding and was dressed in simple T shirt and jeans as we exchanged woes and took 7 rounds of fire in presence of her father and a priest. My step mother had refused to attend the wedding and had told me that the doors of her house were closed to me forever. I was dressed in the bridal pink saree and wore all ornaments of G’s late mother. The priest was initially hesitant to marry us in view of a girl marrying a girl (He took me for a girl as I had worn saree and had done the makeup of a bride) but g’s father had showed a wad of notes to him and everything went smoothly after that.

While returning from the temple, G’s father asked her to drop him at the railway station as his train time was close. G asked him to stay but he had some urgent work to attend at his native place. I touched his feet as he was alighting from the car. He gave me a thick wad of notes “This is for you to buy some gift of your choice. Keep my daughter happy.” He said.

We reached home at around 8 PM. Both of us were not hungry as during the ceremony, we were given many ‘Laddoos’ (a kind of sweet dish) to eat. G took my hand and we entered the bedroom. G went to freshen up and I went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk for her.

G was standing in the bedroom as I returned. I gave her milk and touched her feet as I had seen brides doing that in hindi movies. G took the glass and returned it to me half finished.”Finish it. It’s your duty to finish all my leftovers as a mark of your love and respect for me” she said.

As soon as the glass was finished, G started pulling my saree. All my protests were useless and I was standing before her only in a blouse and petticoat. “Take them off Moni darling. What are you trying to hide from me. Your body is now my property and I have a right to inspect it on my will” said she. I continued looking at the floor. G finally came near me and started undoing the hooks of my blouse and undid the knot of my petticoat. That left only a bra and panty over me. “Don’t get ashamed darling. We are married.” G said as she took off my bra. She undid the hooks of her jeans and made me lie on the bed. As she pulled my panty down, she squealed at the size of my member.”From your submissive nature, I was afraid that the size may be small but you have made my day” she said giggling.

“Every husband is required to give a gift to his wife on Bridal night. In our case I am the wife and I have nothing but my virginity to give you my love” I said as she took my member inside her and started riding me. Within 5 minutes, I cummed inside her. “Don’t be sorry sweetheart. I had expected it as you are not experienced.” She said as I apologized. “What are you doing G” I asked as she took out a strange thing from her drawer and started tying it around her waist. “This is known as a strap on and I am going to put it inside you.”  Saying this, she asked me to get on all 4s and slowly entered my ass. “It is going to hurt in the beginning but you will enjoy it later on” she said as I almost cried in pain.

It has now been almost 6 years since then and the ‘later on’ has not yet happened. G knows that I don’t like the strap on and uses it only if I cum premature. On my part, I try my best to climax at the same time with her which is not so difficult as she makes love to me almost daily.

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