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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Her breakfast

Our 6th marriage anniversary falls on 26th January. It’s a national holiday in India being Republic day and G has decided to celebrate quietly. She asked me if I would like her to host a party for our relatives and close friends who know our secret. I replied “jaisi aapki ichcha” (as you wish) because a house husband has no right to have his own views and he should always do what his wife wants. She called up her father and my step mother to come to the party but both of them declined due to cold wave. Ultimately she decided against the idea of party and said “It shall be just the two of us as we were on the suhaagraat (first night)”.

The approaching anniversary has made G more romantic somehow. Today morning, as I was putting her lunchbox in her briefcase, she caught hold of me from behind and started kissing me. Off went my red housecoat (which I am permitted to wear after she has finished her bed tea), my protests about her getting late for office were overruled by a bite on my right shoulder and my bra and panty were removed. She made me lie down on the carpet and mounted me. Next 10 minutes were bliss. As she reached her orgasm, I cummed inside her. She rolled over, wiped herself with my housecoat, put-on her jeans and was off to her office in a flash with myself still lying naked on the carpet, catching my breath. With a deep sigh, I stood up, checked the automatic latch on door and went to take a bath, not forgetting to pick the housecoat lying on the floor for laundry.

As I was taking bath, I suddenly remembered that this is what had exactly happened 6 years ago, on her first day of office after our marriage, even up to the extent of G wiping herself with my housecoat and then leaving me naked on the carpet. I am certain that G recalled the same and did everything as she wanted to relive our honeymoon. This brought back many sweet and sour memories. I shall tell you about all of them in my next post. Please comment if viewers of this blog are interested.

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  1. Please tell all. We are very interested