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Sunday, 4 January 2015

My life story

I am a Househusband since last 5 years. I loved to crossdress in my childhood and was supported by my step mother. The day I accepted her idea of crossdressing, her attitude suddenly changed towards me and she started supporting me instead of my half brother and sister. Without informing my father, she taught me all household works and the art of dressing in sarees and even dancing in female attire. I realized quite late that actually it was her ploy to devoid me of my parental property and wealth. My father was a very wealthy businessman who had very little time for me. Soon after he died, My step mother gave my hand in marriage to my wife who was a Tomboy, 3 years elder to me and also 2 inches taller.

My wife had already informed me when she came to see me that she was a very highly paid computer professional and she wanted only a househusband to take care of her daily needs and do all household work. I was supposed to live as a  housewife, perform all duties like sweeping floor, washing clothes, preparing food, pressing her feet at night and entertaining my wife when she so desire. I was also to wear women clothing 24x7. I had agreed to all these points willingly as nothing could be worse than living with my step mother and I just wanted to be out of her house.

My mother in law had died when my wife was very young. My father in law is a very strict person and raised my wife like a son. Even though, we live in a flat in city due to the workplace of my wife, about 100 KM away from his house, he is always keeping a strict control over me, by asking about my daily routine on phone and instructing me daily about how to keep my home in good order. I keep all the fasts and celebrate all festivals like a housewife.  


  1. This is how the Future is Shaping up. As Women become more Successful, they will want Male Wives that are Feminine and Sweet. Men that accept this New Arrangement will be better off. It is High Time that Women take control and Feminize the Men and boys in their lives!

  2. Yes really it will happen in future. Males will be very submissive to us. Like slaves.