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Friday, 13 March 2015


It shall be an understatement to say that my wife and her father had a difference of opinion when he visited us this time. They were virtually at loggerheads. Fortunately I was not a party of their arguments but things were tense last week.

Unlke his previous visit, my father in law was very soft and gentle towards me. He even brought a gift for me – paijebs (a pair of anklets that make a musical sound when the person wearing them takes a step). I was very grateful and donned the anklets that very day.

The bone of contention between him and G was the issue of kids. He wanted G to extend her family by having a baby. “you are now 33. More over you shall not have any problem in raising the child as you have a househusband who shall take care of the child from day 1”, he said. G somehow did not like the idea and told him something to the effect of not to meddle in her private affairs. He shouted “ I am your father and its my duty to correct you when you are doing something wrong. Will you plan a baby when you are 50 or this househusband of yours is impotent”.

All this conversation was taking place in living room as G and her father were sitting on easy chairs and I was sitting on the floor, pressing the legs of G. She suddenly pushed me away by her legs and asked me curtly to go to the other room. As I left the room and closed the door, she shouted back,”You have no right to insult him like this. He dons a woman’s clothing and serves me like this out of his love and care for me otherwise he is as potent as any man in this world. I don’t want to discuss this subject any more with you”. She stormed out of the house.

G’s father came to our room as I was dabbing my tears with a hanky. He apologized for his remark and asked me to talk to her regarding a child. I told him” You know your daughter well papaji. She will do as she pleases and I don’t have a say in any matter.” He left for his native place next morning. As he was leaving and I bent down to touch his feet, he blessed me by saying “Be a father soon”.

Wiser from my previous experience, I was waiting for G in nude as she returned after seeing off her father. Last time, when her father had stayed for a week and she could not make love to me during that period since our flat is very small, she had torn off my clothes and virtually raped me, when she had come back after seeing him off.

 People may consider it erotic but actually it is very difficult to wait for your wife, wearing only your anklets and bangles and simultaneously keep your cock erect, knowing fully well that if your cock is not fully erect when she comes back, she shall don a strapon didlo and push it into your rectum.

Fortunately, this time, I was able to satisfy her with my erect cock and after she had climaxed twice with a fair amount of biting and pinching, she asked me to bring her a cup of tea. Normally, I wear a bra and panty when I bring her the morning tea but that day, my breasts had become so sensitive due to her bites that could not wear a bra and brought her the tea in nude. She gleefully accepted the teacup, asked me once again to lie down on my back and again put my semi erect cock in her vagina. This time, she was giving me a push with every sip of tea and I was afraid that the hot tea might spill on my face but fortunately, the tea finished before she increased the pace and we climaxed simultaneously in a bliss.

That day being a public holiday due the festival of Holi, G did not have to go to office. She does not play holi as she is allergic to colors. As I got busy in the kitchen preparing sweet Gujias for her, she completed her pending jobs on her laptop. In the afternoon, as I was giving her a massage, I decided to open the subject. “Papaji was actually right you know? If we have to have kids, this is the right time”. G did not answer for some time and I was fearful that she may get angry. However, she pulled me into her arms and said “I know that the timing is right but have you ever thought that when the child grows up after 4 or 5 years, he is going to ask as to why his father does not go to the office and remains indoor wearing women’s clothing. When he goes to the school, he shall have hundreds of questions to ask and we shall not have a single answer to his or her queries. Let the society open up a little more and then we shall plan it”.

I snuggled in to her arms knowing fully well now that as always, she was absolutely correct.

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