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Sunday, 4 January 2015

I am confused.

My Wife ( I am allowed to call her 'G' ) is a very romantic person but also she wants me to always obey her father who lives in a small town about a hundred KM away and seldom visits us. He phones me daily and advice me on all household matters.

My FIL wants me to be always dressed elegantly in a saree with a palloo over my head and welcome her daughter at the door when she returns from office with a smile to relieve her of her office tensions. Thereafter, I should serve her a cup of tea with homemade snacks and while she is taking tea, I should sit at her feet, remove her shoes and press her legs.

On the other hand, G wants me to be seductively dressed in a Bra and panties when she returns home. She enjoys watching me dance seminude, on a fast number with a glass of cold bear in her hands.

Of course, I have no other option than to accede to the demand and order of G but this puts me into a fix. When my FIL pointedly asked me about my routine of pressing her feet on her return from office, I stammered. I respect him a lot to lie to him and of course I can not divulge him the reality as I am too shy.

I guess that I shall have to take advice from G when she is in a good mood. My problem is that generally she is in a good mood when I am lying naked on the bed and she is enjoying my body and there is no point in spoiling her mood at that time by talking about my problems.

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