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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My stitches are removed.

Today, G took me to hospital to get my stitches removed. The procedure took less than 10 minutes and was much less painful than expected. The wound has healed nicely and a very faint scar is visible. The nice doctor has assured me that this scar shall also go away within next 3 months. Also, I shall have to wear tight brassieres and avoid injury. (The nurse who removed my stitches, winked at me while saying this and I was blushing like anything).

Last 1 week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. G has treated me like a tray of eggs. Her favorite past time of one hand on her mobile exchanging messages on whatsapp and the other one in my bra, fondling my boobs, is a thing of past. She had informed her boss that she shall not be coming to office for 1 week and manage her work on her laptop at home only. Even while making love to me, she has been very careful not to touch my upper body but this has ruined the fun somehow.

She tried to help me in doing housework last week and in the process, virtually drove me crazy. When I returned from hospital on 29th Jan., there was a pile of dirty laundry and a sink full of used utensils. My wife’s culinary skills extend only up to preparing Maggi and opening a can of bear or fruit juice. As she started helping me in washing utensils, the score was 2 broken plates and one glass in 10 minute. I requested her to kindly leave me alone in the kitchen and she obliged. To her credit, she asked our neighbours to kindly send their maidservant to wash the dirty laundry that day and purchased a washing machine the next day.

Today, she was netsurfing for online purchase of a dish washer. I joked that the next step shall be to purchase of a robot for cooking and sweeping floors and I shall be thrown out of the house. This brought a smile on her face too.

I think that I shall do a striptease for her today to freshen up her mood. 

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