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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The visit of her father.

My Father in law visited us last week and stayed with us for 7 days. Although he said that it had been a long time since he had seen the face of his daughter and son in law and he just wanted to see us but I know better. He was here only for one purpose – to check if I was taking good care of his daughter and being properly submissive or not.

I think that he is a male chauvinist. You would think that how can it be true when he is asking his son in law to press the legs of his daughter daily and remain in women’s clothing but it is a fact. Actually he considers his daughter to be his son and myself his daughter in law. If you see G and her father talking to one another with both having a glass of whisky in their hands, you would understand.

Anyway, my last week routine was an absolute change. Sometimes I felt as if his visit was a blessing and other times it was a black curse.

Normally, G makes love to me daily and twice on Sunday. But we have a small DDA flat at Delhi and G was concerned that the sounds of our lovemaking (my painful grunts and her pleasure cries), might reach her father. So, it was the first time in last 5 years since our marriage that I was not fucked for full one week. (Normally G fucks me even during her periods and I have to clean the mess afterwards). G even ordered me to sleep fully dressed as my nakedness is a big turn-on for her. For me, it was really hilarious because she was clearly aroused all the time, I was available, and for the first time, she was unable to carry out her wish.

The bra panty dance routine on her return also changed. Now like a dutiful Bahu (daughter in law), I used to greet her, clad in a 5 meter long saree with a pallu over my head, touch her feet,  Bring 2 cups of tea from the kitchen ( for her and her father ), sit at her feet, take off her shoes and press her legs. 
Only once she tried to be naughty and pinched me on my back while I was pressing her feet and dear father in law was not looking. As I was unprepared for this, I shrieked “uiiiiiiiiiiiii” and later had to explain to FIL that I had seen a cockroach. He of course scolded me for this with G smiling broadly all the time.

On the negative side, he was all the time criticizing me for not taking good care of his daughter, repeating regularly that that if I let her daughter lift even a glass of water, I shall be kicked out of the house. Once when he was scolding me over the quality of my laundry, I tried to reason with him that the white T shirt of G had become pale because it was at least 3 year old and she wore it only at night. He slapped me hard saying “bahas karta hai” ( you have the guts to argue with me ). Now,  before my marriage, My step mother and half brother had beaten me several times but ever since my marriage, G has not even spoken to me harshly, let alone physically beating me. I just cried a lot but I knew that when G returns from office, he shall complain to her and she will be upset. So, I apologized by touching his feet and accepting my mistake while there was none.

He returned to his native place today morning. Since then, G has banged me twice (The first one almost a rape by tearing off all my clothes) and she plans to fuck me again at night. All my body is pink and blue by G’s merciless pinching and she says that this is all normal as she has not had sex even once in last 7 days.

I am yet to decide that whether I was in heaven or hell last week.

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