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Monday, 16 February 2015

My worth

It all started with a phone call.

It was a typical Sunday evening. G had just woken up after her Sunday afternoon siesta and I had brought a cup of tea for her. She was sitting in her favourite armchair with myself sitting on the carpet. G was holding the cup in one hand and the other one was in my blouse fondling my breasts when her mobile rang.
G gently squeezed my left breast and motioned me to hold the teacup as she picked up the phone.

It was her friend Ms. S…. . After exchanging pleasantries, their conversation started about the new Honda City that Ms. S…… and her husband wanted to purchase. She mentioned something about G”s maruti getting a little old and she should also purchase a new car. G sighed as she pinched my left nipple and said” But sweetie, both of you are earning members. In my home, Moni does not earn a penny. He is a house husband. Our financials cannot be so strong”.

Normally, when G pinches me, I moan with pain and pleasure and I know that it’s a big turn on for G. But that time I forgot the pain in my nipple. The words pinched me. Being a househusband, I could not dare to protest, but  I was hurt. I started calculating my worth. If I am not there, G shall have to employ some domestic helps. How much does she save by having me?

Job                                                         -              Money saved per month. (Indian rupees)
Cooking                                                   -              4000/-
Washing utensils                                       -              2000/-
Laundry & ironing clothes             -                          2000/-
Dusting and sweeping floors       -                             2000/-
House guard                                      -                     5000/-
Body massage daily                         -                      15000/-
Being her sex toy                          -                         50000/-                                                                                                                           
    Total                                      -                            80000/-

G is earning a total salary of Rs. 1,60,000/- per month so I earn at least half.

The evening was virtually spoiled. When I went to the bedroom at night after finishing my daily chorus, G asked me if something was wrong but I didn’t tell her anything. G wanted to make love to me but my member did not rise and she used a strapon first time since our accident on 26th Jan. My body battered by G’s merciless pinching and my ass sour, I could not sleep at all. I think that the physical pain was not responsible for my insomnia as I have endured worse. In fact, whenever there is news about a woman being raped in Delhi, G virtually takes revenge from all men by raping me that night. No, it was not physical pain. I was hurt and insulted by her words.

I think that I shall give her this list tomorrow. Should I add something else? Some advice please.

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