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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My dilemma.

G was in a philosophical mood last night. She has asked me to make a list of thing that I hate about her and about being a Househusband. She has also asked me to list what I relish. I am not sure what I should do. The truth might offend her and if I don’t give her the list tonight, she may get angry and our anniversary week shall be ruined.

One thing is sure. I don’t hate my father in law. He may be bossy, ill-mannered; foul tempered and arrogant but there is one thing in common between us. Both of us love the same person i.e. G. I am also indebted to him that he has given me the most wonderful gift of my life – G. I also know that if some day destiny calls for a sacrifice of life for G, I shall do it immediately but he won’t be far behind.

G is probably a nymphomaniac and makes love to me almost daily. I hate it when she fucks me during her periods. Apart from the fact that I don’t enjoy it, the cleaning part later is always irritating. I have to wash the bed sheets immediately after her love session and take a bath. I probably hate it when G uses her strap on didlo and fucks me anally. However, she does it very rare and that too only on days when I ejaculate premature or my member does not rise to the occasion. She has never asked me to lick her. Even when I offered to lick her once to compensate for my premature ejaculation, she declined saying “No Moni darling, you have to keep your lips and tongue fresh for me. I shall use a strap on.”.  Actually she ends any session of our lovemaking by a deep lingering kiss.

You may think by reading my earlier posts that I may hate remaining in nude when she is fully dressed, dancing for her clad only in a bra and panty, pressing her legs or washing clothes and utensils with cold water in this freezing season but actually I don’t. G also goes to her office on her bike in this cold. She works so hard in office that it is my duty to be her stress buster when she comes home.

I probably hate it when she is late in returning from office since I have to wait only in 2 pieces of cloth. However, She does it very rare, always informs me from her mobile ( so that I may don the housecoat) and there is always a valid reason for delay.

Actually, the thing I hate most is when I am pressing the legs of G and she starts talking to her stock broker on mobile, discussing merits of shares of various companies. Worse scenario is when she is riding me and phone rings. She stops moving, asks me to keep quite by finger on my lips and engages in a long discussion about buying Reliance or something at current rate, with me straddled between her legs.

As far as relishing is concerned, I love everything about being a House husband. An alpha male has hundreds of worries and I have none. In fact, last month, when G was struggling online to file her income tax return, I thought “Thank God that the only job I have is to please her“.

I have decided to tell G that I shall give her the list after our anniversary i.e. 26th Jan. That gives me ample time to have the view of readers of my blog. Please help me out by advising me as to which point I should or should not add in my hate list. 

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