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Monday, 16 January 2017

Her US visit

I had decided not to update my blog anymore since no one seems interested and no one leaves any comments. However many of my fb friends have prevailed upon me to update it again.

G recently had to go to US for 15 days as the head of operations of US subsidiary of her company had fallen sick and some problems had started there.  She had to stay there for 15 days and I was all alone in our flat for a fortnight.

For the first 2 days, I almost enjoyed the sudden independence. I could sleep late in the morning, wear whatever I like and even tried a little swig from the bottle of scotch that G keeps in her cupboard. ( It was very bitter and I had to take a spoon of sugar afterwards)

Next 2 days I scrubbed the entire flat and the floors were shining like diamond. I prepared pickles of carrots which G likes a lot, tried cooking some new variants of Italian pasta.( disaster).

I was absolutely dismayed and disgusted by the end of the week. G has become my soul and to live without her was extremely depressing. I could sleep fully clothed in her absence and even though I have difficulty in falling asleep in nude some times, I just could not sleep properly with my clothes on.

On 31st December, G called me in after noon and told me that she shall wish me new year at midnight on video call. From her manner, I could easily guess that she was missing me as well. I had an idea and started practicing dancesteps on a very old and slow song.

My preparations started at 8.30pm. I wore a bright red saree. I didn’t wear a blouse and chose a black bra. As I was finishing my makeup, G called at 10.30. In a flash, I realised that it must be nearing midnight in US. I started the song “ Tumhen yaad karte karte, Jayegi rain saari, tum le gaye ho apne, sang neend bhi hamari” on music system and accepted the skype video call.

G immediately complimanted me on my dress and asked me to stand a little away from webcam so that she may see my full image. As I moved,  I started a very slow and sensual dance for her. In case, any one has heard this song from the movie “Aamrapali”, it is a very slow song and is not a dance number but the wordings were most appropriate.

As the song progressed, I dropped my palloo and slowly removed my saree. Petticoat also went down and I was only in a bra and panty, doing a strip tease on video call. As G started the countdown of New year, I removed my bra and at the stroke of midnight, removed my panty before her. G kissed her side of the screen and wished me Happy new year. She was clearly aroused and I was wondering as to what shall happen when she is back.

G was back on 5th jan  and I was waiting for her at the door. In almost 8 years of our marriage, I am wise enough not to wear costly garments when she returns after a gap in our sex life as she tears apart my clothes in excitement but nothing of the sort happened this time. As I bent down to touch her feet, she picked me up, kissed me and asked me to bring some snacks for her. As I came back, she was preparing a glass of her favourite scotch. I was arranging the snacks plates on the table when she asked me to get in to the same dress and perform the same striptease for her.

G was settled in her favourite armchair when I entered the room. She had already fixed the music system and started the same song with the touch of a remote.

It shall be pointless to say that I was not able to complete the dance. My bra and panty were torn apart, I was pushed on the bed and it was one of the hardest fuck in my whole married life.