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Monday, 25 May 2015

My ambivalent Feelings

Today I am proud of G.
My stepmother, Mrs.Gupta, called me on phone yesterday. The last time we had talked was about 6 years ago when I had informed her that I was getting married and she has severed all contact with me and had refused to attend my wedding.
It so happens that my step brother wants to start a new business and sell our ancestral home for funds. The potential buyers, after checking all documents had decided that I hold an equal share in that property and my signatures were necessary for sale. With the advent of time, that property is now worth 120 million Rs. (about 2 million US dollars).
I told her that I cannot sign any papers without the permission of G and I shall talk to her after she returns from office. All the bitter memories of my pre marriage days flashed before my eyes and I severed the connection quickly.

So, last night, during our post coital session, snuggling in the arms of G, I told her about the phone call. “They have been so cruel to me, now is the time for payback. I have an equal share in this property and we shall demand half the money” I said.
“No darling” said G as she started fondling my breasts, “ I had promised her that you shall forfeit all your inheritance before our marriage. A promise is a promise.”
“But she is a wicked soul” I protested. “I know sweetie pie” G winked at me “but I am indebted to her. Had she not been so wicked, you would not have been lying naked in my bed today.”
As I tried to cover my face with my hands in shame, the conversation ended with a deep kiss on my lips and gave me a food for thought. G had just refused a sum of 1 million dollars to keep her promise. Her honor in my eyes has increased many folds even though I am not at all happy with her decision.

I must remember that now I am the property of my wife and actually she is the owner of that piece of land with the right to do whatever she wants.

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