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Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Punishment.

G was recently down with Viral fever. She was all the time irritable and not eating food properly. However, there was no cold and cough which got me suspicious. I had recently read in newspaper that a fever, without cold and cough may also be Malaria, Typhoid or The dreaded Dengue fever.
On my insistence, she reluctantly spoke to one of her doctor friend on telephone who advised her to take Crocin tab only and let the body immunity fight the virus.

On the fourth day of her fever, I got really worried. She was consistently having fever more than 102 F. She was regularly going to the office but not eating anything. In the night, she used to perspire so much that I had to change the bed sheet every day.

That night, my fb friend, Sameer, advised me to contact my father in law as G was not ready to go to the doctor. I called up my father in law that morning after G had left for office. He asked me to get the milk of goat for G and told me that he shall reach Delhi by 2.00 PM.

Getting the Goat’s milk was easier said than done. Even though I knew that the family living in tents just outside our society keeps goats but to go out is a project for me. Changing in to male attire is not very time consuming but removing the bangles, ear tops, nosepin and anklets takes time. Fortunately, the Mehandi that I had applied on my palms on Teej festival had lost colour by now but removing the nail polish took a lot of time. Only a full cd or a married Indian woman can understand the problem in removing Bichuas ( a silver ring worn on toes ). I decided not to remove them to save time and wore shoes and socks over them instead. The shoes were tight fitting as I had not worn them since more than 2 months and played havoc with my toes later but I was able to get the goats milk without lifting the eyebrows of any neighbour. Going and coming back took only 25 minutes but changing in to male attire and later getting back in to my usual saree with makeup took almost 4 hours.

My father in law reached G’s office directly and scolded her in the presence of all her colleagues for not taking proper precautions during the Dengue epidemic in Delhi. He took G to a doctor who prescribed some blood tests. The tests were negative for Dengue and the doctor prescribed some medicines and told her father not to worry. Both of them came home at 5.00 PM. The father in law gave me a customary scolding for not taking good care of his daughter and was off to his village as he had some urgent work at hand.

Now G was in real bad mood. She was mad at me for informing her father especially as the tests had proved that my fears were baseless. All my efforts to tell her that I had did this because of my love and care for her, fell on deaf ears and she announced that she will decide on a suitable punishment tomorrow. Its needless to say that her fever had gone by now. 

I could not sleep that night properly.  “What shall be the punishment” was the question in my mind. My fb friend, Sameer had prophesied that it shall be a strapon but I was afraid for something more. During the 6 years of our marriage, G has never spanked or slapped me but my sleep was full of nightmares.

I cracked the problem early in the morning. I knew that G gets irritable if she does not get sex for few days and this time also, a gap of 5 consecutive days was there due to her fever. I brought the bed tea for her clad in my sexiest bra and panty and told her in a sexy voice to wait as I had forgotten to bring sugar. As I walked out of the room, I ensured the right movements of my hips as if in a catwalk. It shall be pointless to tell my readers that the tea got cold as a fierce lovemaking session ensued. It was repeted after 2 hours as all her anger melted and she actually thanked me later for taking so much trouble for getting goat’s milk and fruits for her.


  1. i was also thinking what would be the it was a beautiful love making session,mam riding you,fully in control as usual...would like if you had described the session can describe it in next post ..good to know that mam is fully fit and fine did evrything right ,it was your duty to call FIL..without worrying you did your job. and finally erotic,sexy love making session..
    keep posting..Thanks

  2. बच गयी आप और आगे क्या हो रहा है आप पोस्ट किया करो