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Friday, 30 January 2015

My breasts are repaired

In retrospect, it would have been better if we had given a party to close friends and relatives. As we celebrated our anniversary with “just the two of us”, it resulted in myself being rushed to my plastic surgeon.

Actually, 26th Jan. being a holiday, G suggested that we shall relive the day just like we did on the day of our marriage and it proved to be a lot of fun. We went to the same restaurant for lunch and later we went to the temple where we were married. Security was very tight in Delhi due to President Obama’s visit and many roads were closed for traffic. When we came back, I wore the wedding saree and went to the bedroom with a glass of milk as I did on our Suhaag Raat. As I touched the feet of G, she took me in her arms and carried me to the bed. She tookoff my clothes one by one just like that night and then rode me to a shuddering climax.

Half an hour after the sex session, G started putting on the strap on didlo saying that she had to do the same as she did on Suhaag raat. I meekly complied by getting on all 4s. As G entered me with a didlo, I clinched my teeth and wiped my tears. I don’t like being fucked this way but G was enjoying it.

As G was nearing her orgasm, she suddenly released my shoulders and caught hold of my breasts and started using them to push and pull me over her strapon to give her more thrust. G is a very powerful person and she suddenly crushed my breasts in excitement. I cried in pain, begging her to stop but I usually cry when she uses the strap on and she ignored my cries. There was a searing pain in my right breast but G didn’t stop and gave a few more thrusts before releasing me.

Initially I expected the pain in my right breast to diminish over the next few hours as it usually does. However, the pain refused to go away and I was not able to move my right arm when I prepared the bed tea for G on 27th morning. There was swelling below my right breast and in right armpit. It required no doctor to diagnose that the silicon implant in my right breast had ruptured.

As G watched my agony, she also realized the same and rushed me to the Plastic surgeon who had originally placed these implants in my breasts. Dr………… knows our life style and heavily scolded G as he had cautioned her to avoid putting pressure on the implants. When I intervened that it was my fault and I had slipped in bathroom, he told me not to tell lies. Actually, G had bitten hard on my breasts in the first round of our lovemaking and the marks were clear. Also my both breasts were full of scratches from her finger nails.

I was operated same day and had to stay in hospital for 3 days. Today I am back home but pain is still there. G is very apologetic and has promised me that she will be more careful in future. Although G’s office insurance policy covered her spouse also but the insurance company has refused to pay for plastic surgery and we had to pay around Rs 2 lacs (about 4000 USD) for this surgery.