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Sunday, 4 January 2015

My wife had a very bad habit of smoking. She used to say that it releived her of tensions related to work. I tried several times to persuade her to quit smoking but i had a success only recently.
Hindu ladies keep fast on Karwachauth day for the long life of their husbands. As my wife is the sole earning member of our household, I observed the fast for her. As per custom, I wore my wedding saree and ornaments and did not take even a single drop of water for whole day. As advised by my Father in law, I spent the whole day performing puja and preparing delicious food for my wife. When the moon was out, it was time to break my fast and I touched my wife's feet to take her blessings. She gave me a glass of water. I took a sip from her hands as per ritual. Then I asked her to take dinner. She gave me a gift of beautiful diamond earrings.

After finishing her dinner, my wife asked me to finish my dinner and her leftovers as usual but I refused to take my meal saying that my fast was not yet over. It was very clear that she was sexually aroused as I was looking very attractive in my wedding saree and being on fast since morning, my face was also radiant. I had also done a very decent makeup of her liking.

Normally, my wife can make love to me as per her wish and I have no right to say a NO but that day she had been asked by her father very strictly not to break my fast under any circumstances. Also being a very kind hearted person, she was also concerned that i had not eaten any thing since morning other than a sip of water from her hands only.

I told her that i had asked a mannat from God that she should quit smoking and my fast shall be over only after she promises to God that she has quit smoking for ever. She smiled, knowing that she was trapped and promised likewise.

Her lovemaking that day was historical. In fact, at one time when she was smothering me, she suddenly pinched on my buttocks and i cried out so loudly that our neighbour thought that some thing was wrong and knocked on our door and i had to assure them that i had cried in dream. However, it was worth it as since that day, she has quit smoking.


  1. What do you do after your wife has gone to office. Do you also go out to work/

    1. I do all The household work like sweeping floors, washing clothes and utensils and make preparations for dinner. BY 4 PM, I have to finish all this work and start getting ready to greet my wife on her return. No. I don't go out to work. My wife says that my only work is to please her.

  2. Actually, I am only a graduate. After our marriage, I had asked for the permission of my wife to study further or do a part time job. She refused point blank. "We don't need money. Your full time job is to please me"

  3. so you are only a full time slave of your wife

  4. I don't think so. My wife has never treated me like a slave. She has never beaten or abused me. She is very affectionate and loving. I am fortunate to be her husband.