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Sunday, 14 January 2018

My fantasy: A househusband with a job (Part 1)

It’s the year 2184, Date 2nd October.
I am a normal househusband and like every other male, my full time job is to please my wife, look after to all her needs, wear a saree and be ready for her in bed at night to her utmost satisfaction. I have been married for almost eight months now and I have not given her any chance to complain till now.
However, since last one week, I am a little disturbed. It all started with the visit of one of my neighbour, Shekhar Gupta. He is husband of Ms. Ramya Gupta and lives just a block away from us. Ms. Ramya is a businesswoman and Shekhar runs a small coaching institute where he teaches young boys sewing, knitting, cooking etc. so that they may also be able to please their respective wives when the time comes.
I was knitting a pullover for G , when Shekhar arrived. He was very much impressed with my knitting and immediately offered me a job in his institute. He offered me a salary of ten thousand rupees. “Thank you Shekhar ji” I said, “My wife is a doctor and has a well paid job. I don’t need money.”  Shekhar still asked me to rethink. “Its not about money. Even if you want to buy a bangle or bindi for yourself, you have to ask for money from your wife. If you are earning a small amount, such small expenses can be taken care of.”
Unknown to him, he had touched a raw nerve. Just a few days ago, a similar incident had taken place. It was the festival of Teej and I wanted to buy green bangles. A villager boy was selling green bangles door to door but I had no money at that time and G had gone to the hospital. “Think about it” said Shekhar as he adjusted the palloo of his saree while going out, “Our timings are 11.30 AM to 3 PM. You can come after your wife leaves for her work and be back well in time to be dolledup and waiting for her by the time she arrives.
I was very much tempted but at the same time, not having enough courage to ask G for her permission. Hence, I called up my father and asked for his advise. “As far as your mother is concerned” said my father, “She thinks and rightly so that the place of a married male is inside his home. However, our opinion is immaterial. You belong to your wife now and its upto her to permit you to have a job. I think that before asking your wife, you should ask your father in law about this issue and whether it shall be appropriate to ask her.”
The reaction of my Father in law was predictable. “Not a single male in last three generations of our family has done this. Your only concern should be to serve my daughter. However, she is your owner and you are her slave so its her decision. I shall have no objection if she allows you to have a job” he said.
Finally, I asked Yash bhaiya. I knew that Bhabhi had allowed him to work as a sales man in a nearby shop. “How did you manage it? Wasn’t she angry?” I asked. “A husband can get anything done from his wife. Its only a question of timing. The trick is to make her happy first. Prepare her favourite food. Wear her favourite dress. Make sure to show her your cleavages so that she may get aroused and just when she is fully excited, ask for it.” He giggled. “At this time, a woman is most receptive to her husband’s prayers.”

I started my preparations. First part was to clean our flat. By the time I had finished after two hours, the floors were sparkling and everything was neatly arranged.
Wearing her favourite dress was tricky. I had asked her this question before our marriage when I and Vikas bhaiya had gone for shopping for my clothes. Vikas bhaia had said that these days, girls do not prefer their husbands to wear a saree on honeymoon and they like their husbands to be in modern western dresses like miniskirts. He proposed that I should ask my future wife as to what she would like me to wear when we go to honeymoon. I had called her on mobile and she had simply said, “Only a smile”. “But a smile is not a dress.” I said innocently. “Exactly” she had said. I got confused and ended the conversation. Vikas Bhaiya had broken in to a laughter and it was only later that I realised that she was asking me to remain nude. I had blushed like anything and Vikas bhaiya still teases me about this whenever we meet. Whenever, I ask G as to how I am looking while trying a new Saree or dress, her ready answer is “You look best without clothes.”
I settled for her second favourite dress. It was a red colour miniskirt with a black panty and a white blouse without a bra. The blouse was backless and sleeveless. I did a light makeup and wore no jewellery except my Mangalsootra. I had also prepared her favourite dinner in the form of Kalezi Paneer and started waiting for her. It was the first time since my wedding that I had worn such a bold dress without her insistence. My heart was beating so loudly that I had to place my hand on my left breast to calm it down.
As she entered, I bent down and place my forehead at her feet. My bare back and hips were invitingly exposed to my wife and she immediately lifted me on her right shoulder and carried me to the bed. However, I could not speak the dialogues which I had rehearsed countless times as she caught hold of my hair and pulled my face towards her crotch while just opening the fly of her pants. She was so excited and pressing my face between her legs with such force that it was difficult for me to breath. I kept licking and she shuddered to a glorious climax very soon. I ran to the washroom to gargle and wash my face.
As the makeup of my face had been washed out, I applied only a fresh coat of red lipstick and came back. She had taken off her coat and tie and was watching me with eyes full of lust. I started towards the kitchen to bring dinner but she caught my arm and pulled me towards the bed. Removing my blouse was a matter of seconds, skirt and panty also did not last long and within a minute, I was lying totally nude in her bed.
I tried to start some conversation regarding my job but she was not listening. My bold dress had turned her into an animal. She was tender and considerate in a minute and brutal and sadist in another minute. She was kissing me on the lips at the same time when her fingernails were deeply embedded into my hips and back. I was moaning and she was getting more excited by it. She positioned herself over me and engulfed my penis inside her with a low moan of satisfaction. As she started moving her body over me, I forgot all about my job and the only thing that remained in my mind was to give maximum pleasure to her and getback the same in the process. Within a few minutes, the only sound in the room was of my cries of pain and pleasure and her sighs of satisfaction.


P.S. : Credit for all the pictures goes to the author of the blog "As the worm turns."


  1. Wow what a great comeback ! Thanks for the lovely update. Please carry on with this fantasy.

  2. wow...very nice future this may be reality..nice writing skilss you have..liked those erottic moments..and mam is great as usual..

  3. Waiting for your update dear ...