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Friday, 29 December 2017

Sorry. I have been away.

First of all, I must apologise to my readers for staying away from my blog and Fb for such a long time but I have been busy in last few months and things have not been smooth.

It was the last week of June when G’s father came to Delhi for some work. He was supposed to go back the same day and G called me from the office to keep his packed dinner ready since he planned to stay only for an hour.

G picked him up on her way from office and they both arrived home together. They were having some hot argument and it later dawned on me that the argument was about G’s decision of not having kids. He was shouting at the top of his voice when I entered with tray of tea and snacks. I placed the tray on the table and bent down to touch his feet. In his anger, he tried to push me away by his foot. As I was totally unprepared for this, I lost my balance and fell down.

G lost her temper. She, however, first helped me in getting up and as I was adjusting my saree, she asked me to go to the kitchen and bring the packed dinner. As I left the room, I heard her shouting at her father “How dare you kick my husband”. When I came back with the tiffin, Papa ji had already left and G was sitting alone in the room.

I sat down on the floor besides her and removed her shoes. I took her feet in my lap and started pressing them tenderly. As she calmed down, I said “You should not have spoken to him like this. He is your father. He had not actually kicked me. It was my fault and I had lost my balance”.
G responded by the only way she does when she is emotionally unstable. She started taking off my saree. I told her that she should first go to the Anand Vihar Bus stand to give the packed dinner to her father but she was not listening. Within five minutes, I was totally nude in front of her.
 G often says that the best way to make me snuggle my body around her, is to take off my clothes and that is true, The way she glares at my naked body, I get into her arms to avoid her eyes. I was still trying to get her to embrace me and she was trying to push me away so that she may stare at my nakedness when her mobile rang.

It was the society guard. The auto, that her father had hired to take him to Bus stand, had brought him back since he had collapsed in his seat. G grabbed some notes, car keys and her credit card and rushed out as I was getting dressed. As I was wrapping my saree, I realised that G may bring her father inside and other people may also accompany them and quickly changed again into a T shirt and jeans, using binders over my breasts.

I had just stepped out of our home when my mobile rang. It was G. She was taking her dad, directly to Max hospital in Patpargunj. I came back inside and started praying for his health.

G came back at around one o clock that night. Her father had a serious heart attack. Doctors had placed two stents in his heart but he had to stay in the hospital for few days.

Papa ji came home after staying in hospital for 6 days. Doctors had asked him to take rest for few weeks and G had insisted that he must stay at Delhi only.

G had to go to US in first week of july but that was postponed due to Papaji. She went to US on 5th August and returned on 15th. Papaji was supposed to go back on 20th August but when he again went to Max for check-up, The doctor said that there was still some problem and changed the medicines. He stayed with us till December and went back on 23rd December to Indri. G went with him and came back on 24th December.

During his stay at Delhi, My whole time job was taking care of him. The schedule of his medicines and daily requirements took the first priority and G was so guilty conscious that she never once made a sexual advance towards me during this period. My bonus was that I got to sleep with all my clothes on during the winter season.

G called me up as she was returning from Indri. I was chatting with my FB friend Sameer and we were discussing as to what I should wear when she returns. We had settled on a short red skirt and a white blouse when her call came.So I asked her, “What would you like me to wear when you return”. She answered after a pause, “The dress that you bought last week”. I was taken aback. I had bought nothing in the last few months, not even on Diwali and Karwachauth and I told her that. “Exactly” she replied and I realised that she was asking me to wait for her in nude.

My naughty wife was back to herself. I had a very busy 3 hours ahead. I shaved the whole body, prepared lunch, took a scented bath and waited for my darling wife to arrive and ravage my body for her pleasure.


  1. Sorry to know about the heart attack of your father-in-law, I hope he is alright now. Also the way you have taken care of him during this period is really commendable. Hopefully it will help to ensure that he looks after you with the affection you deserve from your in-law.
    With everything falling into pieces, I hope you will now get some time to continue with your writing and finish the story you started. I also wish you and your wife a rocking new year.

  2. G is working from home these days and I am not able to find time to write much. However, its the love and affection of readers like you, which encourages me to write. I shall definitely post the next part of my fantasy in next few weeks.
    Thanks for the new year wishes and we reciprocate the same.