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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My fantasy in future.

My fantasy story is set in future in the year 2184.

After the World war III in 2036 and subsequent nuclear holocaust, in which almost half of the world population was wiped out, it was felt that all this could have been avoided had the decision making power been with the female gender. It was unanimously decided that to prevent such catastrophes, all major decisions shall be taken by females.

This led to females being promoted to all the highest positions while their male counterparts were relegated to lower posts and salaries. As the next generation arrived, females were more assertive, strong headed and demanding. Slowly, the changes appeared in social life also. Males started being submissive. There were very few job openings for males and majority of them started opting for lower jobs like office maids and secretaries. Even these jobs were not enough and since domestic helps were very costly, many of the couples decided that the males shall stay at home as househusbands and let the females earn the daily bread and butter.

The biological supremacy of the females of producing a new life was to remain with them but the job of taking care of the newborn was naturally shifted to the husbands. They started taking medicines to grow their breasts so that they may nurse the newborns. Initially, it was only for the househusbands but very soon, this trend grew like anything and the male breasts became a sexual attraction for the more aggressive females. Females did not need breasts anymore and took medicines to remain flat chested.

Male fashions changed and instead of shirts and pants, they started preferring the more beautiful dresses and sarees. Breasts had to be supported by bras and this led to virtual revolution in male fashion. Males wanted to look sexually attractive to their wives least they should start having affairs with their office staff or secretaries. Even the unmarried boys started growing breasts to attract their future wives. The marriage proposals were more for the girls who earned more and for boys who were more beautiful. The norms of the society had reversed.

Within a span of 100 years from World War III, The norms of male female relationship had turned upside down and my patents, who were born in 2140 belonged to the generation for whom female supremacy was not an exception but a norm.

Now the story:

I am the third sibling of my parents. My mother wanted a daughter but after 4 sons, she decided that it was the wish of the Goddess and refused to marry another man for the sake of producing a daughter. My mother is a farmer and owns a lot of agricultural land. She wanted her sons to be good househusbands to their wives and all of us passed 12th class and did a diploma in home science.
My 2 elder brothers have been married and living with their wives in their respective homes. My parents have been looking for a suitable girl for me. I have no say in this matter. They have selected a girl for me. She is a doctor and has a good income. She is coming to see me today.

 Last night, I overheard my father talking to my mother. My mother had taken her dinner and as usual, father was sitting on the floor besides her. He was wearing a saree and had sindoor in his maang. He had a mangalsootra around his neck and glass bangles on his wrists. He was pressing the legs of my mom and talking to her in a very low voice, “ Don’t you think that her complexion is dark, Our son is very fair”. Mother, in her stern voice, immediately rebuked him ”Don’t be silly. A girl needs to have a good income to support a family. Complexion is for boys. Consider yourself to be very lucky if she likes our son. These days, a doctor girl, who is not asking for a dowry is very hard to find”. “we shall be giving a dowry to our son. Won’t we?” said my father in a low voice keeping his eyes towards the floor . Mother laughed “As they say, males have no wisdom. You idiot, this is a multi-millionaire family. If they want dowry according to their status, we stand no chance. However, they want a boy who should always obey and serve his wife and inlaws. Our two sons are keeping their wives happy and this marriage proposal has come only because of this fact”.

As my prospective wife and her parents entered our home, I could hear my heart pounding. I was wearing a green saree, specially bought for this occasion. My elder brother, whose wife was a cousin sister of this girl, had come last night and had informed that  her favourite colour was green. I had a matching blouse and my hair were in a bun. I had been thoroughly instructed by him for the occasion.” No matter what, keep your eyes towards the floor. Keep your head covered in presence of your inlaws but you must drop your palloo on some pretex when you are alone with her so that she may have a fair idea of the assets which she is going to own” she had giggled and I had thrown a pillow at her.

As I served tea to the guests, I managed a hidden glance towards her. She was staring at me and smiled. My cheeks got red with shame. Bhaiya took me inside so that elders may talk. Shortly, my father came inside with the good news. I had been approved but they wanted an early marriage as my future wife had a new job at a big hospital at Delhi and my father in law wanted someone to look after his daughter in a new city where she shall be living away from her parents.

I was married to Dr. Garima Chaudhary within 15days.

My suhaag raat was celebrated at the ancestral home of my wife. Her brothers did my makeup and made me sit on the bed with a ghoonghat on my face. As she entered the room, my heart started pounding so loudly that I was afraid that she may hear my heartbeats. As she raised my ghoonghat, I got pink with shame. She remarked,” you are wearing a pink saree darling. If you blush like this, how would I know that I have disrobed you when the color of your skin and saree shall match like this” I blushed even more fiercely.

 There was a knock on the door and as she opened the door, someone passed a glass of milk to her. I remembered bhaiya’s instructions and gotup from the bed. As she turned towards me, I sat on the floor and put my forehead on her shoes. She asked me to getup and gave me the glass of milk and went to the bathroom to change.

She was wearing a Kurta and lunge as she returned. I gave her milk but she refused. “Tonight, I have to drink from the original source” she pointed towards my breasts. I blushed again. “Please drink half of it for me. Its bad omen if you don’t take this milk tonight”, I said keeping my voice low and my eyes on the floor. She obliged and I took the rest of the milk from the same glass.

She pulled me towards her and slowly started removing my jewelry. She was constantly talking to me to relieve my tension. “ So, what are the instructions of your brothers for suhaag raat” she asked as she was removing my saree. I was dying of shame so I said “nothing”. I yelped with pain as she pinched me on my buttocks. She had already placed a hand on my mouth so my shriek didn’t come out.” Next one shall be on your cheek if you are not honest and then you shall have a hard time explaining to everyone as to what happened’ she said firmly. “ comeon. Tell me the instructions”. She started fumbling with the button of my blouse.

“They only asked me to place my head on your feet and take your blessings” I lied. My blouse had already been unbuttoned and I was trying unsuccessfully to cover my breasts with my arms. “lier again” she pulled the cord of my petticoat. “No pleeeeeese” I cried. “I am telling the truth”. “Didn’t they tell you to clinch your teeth when she pinches on your breasts like this” she asked again, pinching my nipples as she unclasped my bra. I knew that there was no escape so I told the truth. “yes, They did” “Good. What else” she asked. “They asked me to climax with your permission only” I moaned as she pulled down my petticoat and panties.

She had not removed a single stich of cloth from her own body as I was lying on her bed, stark naked, dying of shame. My penis was rockstrong as she mounted me without removing her clothes. She was not wearing anything beneth the lungee and she slid my member inside her body with a low moan.
“Have you ever gone through this before” she suddenly asked. “NO. Never. I am a virgin. I have kept this body sacred for you my Goddess” I whispered. She smiled” You must have seen someone doing like this” she remarked. By now, I knew that somehow, she could know if I was telling the truth. So I truthfully admitted” Once I saw Bhabhi doing a similar act with bhaiya”.

Actually After my Diploma in homescience was complete, bhaiya had asked my parents to send me to his place so that I may learn to manage the household. There I had seen that bhabhi was always scolding bhaiya and used to even slap him on little mistakes. I had asked that how he could tolerate all this and yet started doing makeup when she returns from office to look attractive for her. He had told me that when a wife makes love to you at night, you get so much pleasure that you become a slave to her. I had peeped in to their bedroom at night and a similar sean was being played on myself tonight. Next morning, I had confessed to Bhaiya that I had peeped into his room and there also, I had found that bhaiya was pleading with bhabhi to not to pinch him and give further pain but bhabhi was not listening. Bhaiya had just smiled and said that once your wife makes love to you, you shall know.

As My Wife started riding me with my member inside her, I remembered something and smiled. She immediately stopped and asked” What are you thinking”. I knew that there was no point in hiding something. Being a doctor, She could read my mind perhaps. “ Why all females are alike? When I saw bhaiya and bhabhi making love, there also, Bhabhi was wearing all the clothes and bhaiya was naked and here too, you have kept me in a similar position”. She smiled and said’ Its because we want to remind you that who is the owner and who is slave”. “But that’s not fair. I left my home and came here to serve your every need. Your word shall be my command. I shall cook for you, wash your clothes, eat in your used plate, wash utensils and press your legs at night. You have the power to takeoff all my clothes at your wish. That is only because I consider myself to be your slave. Why do you want to prove it now” As I said that, I bit my tongue, feeling afraid that I might have offended her but she was smiling, “ alright darling, I think that you are right” she said as she started taking off her kurta from her muscular but flat chest. “but remember, don’t expect any mercy from me while making love. I like it when a boy cries of pain when I push him to the limit”. As she increased her speed, my body was filled with pleasure that I had never experienced before. I was on the sky and she was with me and that was all that mattered now. We both climaxed at the same time.

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