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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My fantasy in future part II

The date is 10 February, 2184. My name is Monu Chaudhary H/O Dr. Garima Chaudhary.

I have been married for 15 days and last fortnight has been a mixture of torture, pleasure and bliss for me.

The biggest torture has been to get up at 5.00 AM, take your bath, wear a Saree and assist my father in law in his daily morning ritual of Goddess worship. However, yesterday, I have shifted to my wife’s flat in Delhi, where she has joined a big hospital.
The biggest pleasure is when my wife undresses me at night and rides me like there is no tomorrow. I could never imagine before my marriage that a pinch on my buttocks or a bite on my breasts can send such a pleasure wave to my spine. Last night, she has done it with an extra zeal since it was the first night when we were alone in our home and there was no fear of someone listening to my cries of pain and pleasure.

Even today, I got up at 7 AM and prepared bedtea for her. As I went to wake her with the tray of tea, her alarm had already sounded. I was wearing a see through nighty with only a black bra underneath. I placed the tray on the sidestool and touch her feet to ask for her blessings. She simply pulled me over and started takingoff my nighty. I pleaded with her that the tea will get cold but she was adamant on making me nude and virtually raped me. It was a quick climax for her and as I was still trying to recover my breathing, she unmounted me and went to the bathroom, leaving me naked on the bed. I made a mental note that tomorrow onwards, I shall bring her the bedtea in a saree only.

As she was taking bath, I quickly wore a saree, placed her shirt and jeans on the bed, polished her shoes and prepared breakfast for her. I also packed her lunch in the tiffin box and as she was leaving, I sat on the floor and placed my forehead on her feet to ask for her blessings. She smiled, helped me to getup from the floor, kissed me and was off to the hospital.

I still had a lot of pending work like dusting, sweeping the floor and wash the clothes and utensils but first, I made myself a cup of tea and sat lost in thoughts about my parents, brothers and useful lessons from my father on my first visit to my parents home after my marriage.

As per the tradition,  my wife was supposed to take me to my parents place next day of our marriage. However, she didn’t want to extend any more leave as she was taking me on a honeymoon after a week and all her leave was already finished. Hence, she decided to drop me to my parents place in the morning and promised me that she’ll pick me in the evening.

As I wore a new Saree with matching blouse and accessories, She had already got in to the car and was blowing the horn. I hurriedly took blessings from my inlaws and got into the passenger seat as she put the car into gear and drove ahead.

 As soon as the car was on the highway, she was back to her naughty self. She caught me by the hair and pulled my face towards her lap. I understood and opened the fly of her pants. She drove at a very high speed and I tried to match the speed of my tongue for her pleasure. She soon shuddered to a climax and let me remove my face from her pussy. I wanted to wash my face as it was wet from her juice but she said that it will get dry by the time we reach our destination and continued driving.
As her car entered the drive way of my parent’s house, my father was standing at the door with a plate full of lighted lamps {Aarti ka thal} for her aarti but she didn’t get down the car. She said that she was already late for her work and these traditions can wait till evening. She quickly reversed the car and sped away.

I could sense that my father was unhappy with me but I was in a hurry to wash my face. I excused myself and ran to my room to freshen up. I quickly got out of the saree and removed all my jwellary including Mangalsootra and bichuas ( A silver ring, worn on the toes by married males). I pulled over an old Kameez with salwar and came out of my room.

“You bloody fool”, my father roared at the top of his voice, “You have no manners. How did you dare to takeoff your Mangalsootra and bichuas.”. I meekly replied that I was not used to wearing jewelry. “You idiot, These are not jewelries. These are the symbols of your married status and to take them off is a very bad omen. Also you should wear a Saree all the time like all married males.” He roared again. I tried to stop my tears as I went back to my room to change in a saree.

When I came out in a saree, my mother was scolding my father for speaking so loudly. My father’s eyes were directed to the floor and he was asking for forgiveness. My mother came to me and placed her hand affectionately over my head. She was also getting late for her work. My father touched her feet and placed his forehead on her feet, for blessings. She curtly blessed him and left hurriedly.
Now, my father asked me to sit besides him and asked, “Why didn’t you touch the feet of your wife when she was leaving today morning”. I now understood as to why he was unhappy with me. I told him that I had taken the blessings from her in the morning but my father was not buying this argument. “Whenever, your wife is getting away from you, its your duty to touch her feet, place your forehead on her feet and say a silent prayer for her long life. Its an honour for a male to keep his forehead at the feet of his wife, Just remember that you got such a high status family only because your elder brothers were always respectful to their respective wives and if you don’t show proper manners, your younger brother may not be so lucky.”

“Ok father. I shall be careful in future” I said. “But she wants me to wear modern dresses and says that saree is for special occasions only”. My father smiled and said “My child, always remember, She is not only your wife but your owner too. Even if she wants you to remain only in your bra and panty or even if she wants you to remain nude, you have to obey. But that is only inside your house. In presence of the society, you have to maintain certain norms of a married male. Always wear a saree in presence of your in laws or guests.” I nodded in agreement as my younger brother entered the room.

“Hi bro” he shrieked. “ Looking very tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night? Hiding the naval too.” The last sentence was aimed at my saree being tied above the naval. I blushed and got irritated at the same time. “Look dad. He is making fun of me again.” Father immediately rebuked Nimesh. “Don’t be a fool Nemo. He is married now and wear his clothes as per the wishes of his wife. Go to the kitchen and start preparing for tonight’s dinner. If your bhabhi likes the food made by you, she may suggest some good girl for you too.” Now it was the time for Nemo to blush as he ran to the kitchen.
I took a sigh of relief. Actually, My wife ( I shall call her G now) had given me a lovebite on my naval last night and the mark was still fresh. That’s why, I had tied my Saree above the naval.
G returned from her hospital in the evening. Both my parents, Nemo and family friends had gathered at our house to welcome her. She was dressed in a Three piece suit and a tie and was looking very smart and handsom. Father did her aarti with lighted lamps and I ( as instructed by my father very strictly in the morning) touched her feet and placed my forehead at her feet in full view of everyone. I was very very embarrassed. I was wearing a pink saree with a matching blouse and I was afraid that my new saree might get dirty but could not risk my father’s wrath. G smilingly asked me to getup and blessed me. Mother took her hand and guided her to our Drawing room. My father and myself served tea to her and all the guests. Slowly, the guests departed and G and my mother were alone in the drawing room.
G called me and asked me to give her another cup of tea. Mother excused herself that she had had enough and went to the bathroom. As I came with the tea, G asked me to sit beside her. I remembered father’s instructions and sat on the floor at her feet “This is my place” I told her. G had a naughty smile at her face as her hand slipped inside my blouse. “Leave me please” I begged her “Someone might come. Nemo is bringing snacks.” G was not in a mood to let it go and pinched on my nipple. “Pleeeease. Do as you wish in the bedroom. I am not going to run away.” I again begged her. This time she relented and removed her hand. It was very timely as Nemo entered the room with a plate of snacks, giggling at my status. “Bhabhi must be tired bro. Why are you not pressing her legs” he said. “Monu  is waiting for you. He says that Nemo presses the legs better than him. Wont you prove it” smiled G. “Law allows me many husbands Nemo. Who knows, if you press my legs that well, I may get tempted.” Nemo’s face got red with embarrassment as he put the plate on the table and ran away,  G’s laughter following him closely.
Mother returned from the bathroom and G said that it was getting late. She had to reach the hospital early tomorrow and asked to leave. However, both my parents pleaded with her to stay for dinner and go tomorrow morning. She relented after Nemo requested her to at least taste the “Gulabjamuns” that he was preparing.
Dinner, as expected, was fabulous. G and Mother ate first with myself and father sitting on the floor besides our respective wives, pressing their legs and Nemo, preparing hot chapaties for both of them. After they had finished, myself and father sat at their places and ate in the plates of our wives and finished the leftovers.
It was time to retire to the bedroom. Nemo was giggling all the time as I washed my face. Applied some powder, applied lipstick and prepared hot milk for G. I scolded him when he pinched my bottom but he said “just keep your anger reserved for bhabhi when she does the same”. I tried to hit him but he ran away.
As I entered the bedroom with a glass of milk, G had already changed into a T shirt and shorts for night. I locked the door from inside and gave the milk to G. As she was drinking it, I sat on the floor and started a gentle massage of her feet. She caught me by my hair and brought my face towards her crouch. I understood as to what she wanted. I removed her shorts and placed my lips at her pussy. It was very warm and moist, a clear indication that she was already excited by my complete submission today. I went to work on thr lips of her pussy, teasing her with increasing and decreasing the speed of my licking. G was moaning with pleasure. She was pressing my face on her pussy with such power that it was difficult for me to breathe but I kept on licking and she ultimately came with a force, making my face fully covered with her juice.
I went to the bathroom and quickly washed my face and gargled with mouthwash. As soon as I came out, G started pulling my saree. All my efforts ( formality only) were in vain as she disrobed me. I was wearing a backless blouse with only two strings holding it to the proper place. G pulled the strings and removed it. Next to go was my petticoat and I was standing before her just in a bra and panty. G pulled me towards her and made me sit on her lap. She started kissing me and caught hold of the strap of my bra. She pulled it strongly and suddenly let it go. The elastic strap hit my back with such force that I would have shrieked had the fear of Nemo making fun of me tomorrow morning not loomed large.

Being a doctor, G was probably well aware of all the points of a male body which can make a male mad with pleasure. She was virtually playing a musical instrument with the precision of a master, alternatively pinching, biting and kissing the various parts of my body. My dick was so hard that it was ready to burst out of my panties when G obliged it by removing my panties. I was completely nude now with G still wearing her T shirt. She placed me on the bed, took my dick inside her well moist pussy and started riding me, slowly increasing her speed. My excitement reached a crescendo as both of us climaxed at the same time.

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  1. Nic stories. Continue to write such on gender role reversal stories. I like the post effects rather than the transition